Alex Stanoev

Senior R&D Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor

  • Specialising in wireless protocol R&D, with experience in embedded software, networking, wireless communications, electronics, and Linux.
    Currently working on Nordic's Bluetooth Low Energy stack.
  • Previously at Toshiba Research Europe, where I worked on proprietary wireless mesh protocols. Played a key role in the deployment of a large-scale smart city network in South Gloucestershire, and was responsible for the embedded Linux build, FreeRTOS and Contiki-NG firmware, and backhaul fibre network.
  • Maintainer of the Contiki-NG embededd IoT operating system, and the Nordic nRF52840 port.
  • Graduated from the University of Bristol with a Masters degree in Computer Science and Electronics, where I wrote my thesis on IPv4 coexistence methods for end-to-end IPv6 connectivity in 6LoWPAN networks, and added RFC4213 tunnel support to the Contiki-NG NAT64 layer.

Recent Publications

  1. Lockie, C., Mavromatis, I., Stanoev, A., Jin, Y., & Oikonomou, G. (2022). Securing Synchronous Flooding Communications: An Atomic-SDN Implementation. arXiv.
  2. Aijaz, A., & Stanoev, A. (2021). Closing the Loop: A High-Performance Connectivity Solution for Realizing Wireless Closed-Loop Control in Industrial IoT Applications. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 1–1.
  3. Baddeley, M., Aijaz, A., Raza, U., Stanoev, A., Jin, Y., Schuß, M., Boano, C. A., & Oikonomou, G. (2021). 6TiSCH++ with Bluetooth 5 and Concurrent Transmissions. Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, 25–30.
  4. Aijaz, A., & Stanoev, A. (2021). Method of generating a communication schedule for nodes in a multi-hop network. US Patent 11,172,498.
  5. Baddeley, M., Boano, C. A., Escobar-Molero, A., Liu, Y., Ma, X., Raza, U., Römer, K., Schuß, M., & Stanoev, A. (2020). The Impact of the Physical Layer on the Performance of Concurrent Transmissions. 2020 IEEE 28th International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), 1–12.


I can be contacted at alex or on